Policy Principles

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NRG’s political advocacy is guided by four overarching policy principles, which connect all our work and drive us to take action in our communities.

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Our Policies

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Competition & Consumer Choice

Consumers should have a choice in their electricity provider. Competition drives companies to develop products that meet the needs of consumers and encourages companies to provide customer-centric services.

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Sustainability & Renewable Energy

Consumers should have the ability to choose energy providers that match their renewable energy and efficiency goals. Competitive markets allow energy providers to cater to consumers who prefer supporting wind and solar energy.

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Innovation & Technologies

Retail energy policies promote innovation through competition. In our modern energy landscape, innovation creates market efficiencies, improves consumer experiences through new technologies, and increases the use of renewable energy.

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Resilience & Reliability

Through best-in-class technologies and industry standards, retail energy helps ensure customers have access to energy when they need it most. Even when demand is high during the summer and winter months, retail energy provides a reliable source of electricity, gas, and other energy needs.